Monday, May 7, 2012

Players Chelsea help Di Matteo become permanent manager

London - The fate of Roberto Di Matteo as manager at Chelsea next season remains unclear. John Terry stated all team members will try to help him get a permanent contract.

Di Matteo had a positive impact as Chelsea took control from the hands of Andre Villas-Boas. Under his direction, owned by Roman Abramovich's team successfully won the FA Cup title after beating Liverpool at the top of the game last weekend.

Chelsea are also able to penetrate the Champions League final. Frank Lampard et al. will compete for the prestigious title with Bayern Munich in the game at Allian Arena on May 19.

The achievement did not seem to necessarily make Chelsea's management board in a hurry to take a decision for a permanent contract to menyodori Italiano it. But Terry will help if Di Matteo could take them to be champions of Europe.

"This is a decision to be taken by the board of directors, and hopefully with a win (in the Champions League final), we (together with Di Matteo) can hold together and achieve greatness for this club," said Terry as reported by Sky Sports.

"We can make it easier for the board of directors because he's amazing. I think this victory in the FA Cup final) can help us win the Champions League trophy to the winning momentum that will help us," said 31-year-old central defender was.

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